[SCI-2009] Design and Fabrication of a Si PIN-type Radiation Detector for Alpha Spectroscopy
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Design and Fabrication of a Si PIN-type Radiation Detector

for Alpha Spectroscopy


Han Soo Kim, Se Hwan Park, Jang Ho Ha,

Seung Yeon Cho, and Kun Sik Park


  Silicon PIN-type radiation detectors, which have 4.5 kΩ·cm and 7 kΩ·cm resistivities, were designed and fabricated for alpha spectroscopy. The main design considerations of the Si PIN-type radiation detector were a high biasing voltage, a low leakage current, and a low alpha energy loss caused by the incident window of the p+ layer. Two guard electrodes and an edge protection structure were incorporated to minimize the leakage current and to apply a high bias voltage for full depletion. A shallow p+ layer and non-metal deposition on the p+ layer were also incorporated to minimize alpha energy loss. The doping profile of the p+layer and the alpha energy loss due to p+layer were approximately calculated by using a Silvaco device simulation tool kit and the SRIM code, respectively. About 7-nA reverse leakage current at a 200-V reverse bias voltage and an energy resolution a 1.1% for 5.5 MeV alpha particles were achieved with the fabricated Si PIN-type radiation detectors, which had two different resistivities. Several important aspects to consider in the fabrication of a Si PIN-type radiation detector are also addressed.


Keywords : Si, PIN, Leakage current, Alpha energy spectrum, Guard electrode, Edge Protection

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